It’s a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s A Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was my ultrasound… it was an alright Ultrasound… we found out that my placenta is behind the baby… who’s apparently close to my cervix… so if I get spotting between now and my next ultrasound I’m in big trouble… yikes this happened with Sean too. I have to go back for another Ultrasound on July 20th before I’m seen for my next OBGYN follow-up appointment because this baby boy didn’t want to have his picture taken. Just like his daddy… let alone just wasn’t moving around he was comfy were he was. Now the fun part picking out baby names. I want to get it done and get used to the name, Lorne wants to wait… This is killing me! Sean his oldest brother really wanted a sister, and Connor didn’t really want a brother either… yikes two very disappointed boys! But hopefully the next time in a year or five they will have their little sister, because I WANT TO HAVE AT LEAST ONE GIRL!

So as we’ve come to tell everyone… everyone is very happy and excited for us. I can’t wait for my next ultrasound even if this happened before with my first baby. Right now the tricky part is picking names and getting these boys used to the idea of having another boy in the house. I was honestly really hoping for a baby girl but instead got a baby boy but either way I’m happy! I can’t wait for December … another Halloween and Thanksgiving were I’m pregnant at least all be able to toast in the NEW YEAR this coming year! and have a few on Christmas 😀 yay! I’m still excited and of course all still be having a baby shower even if it’s a boy! Over time we tend to get rid of things that’s always needed for the next time around… My plan is to have all my kids before my husbands 40th birthday which is 3 years from now… I’m good in 3 years all be what 26… Sean will be 6, Connor will be 5 and hey the baby will be 3… I don’t want to have any kids after my 30th birthday I don’t think I could do it!


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