Weekend overhaul… and excitement for Friday

Wow I’m 17weeks and 5days pregnant, this past weekend I dropped 3-4lbs yet gained it back yesterday by pigging out! This heat has been a total killer… from headaches, to aches and pains, to being completely dehydrated. Can’t wait until 7-6-2012 when I have my next Ultrasound because that’s when we find out what the gender is 😀

I’m more excited to see how the baby’s doing, if they are gaining weight, if they are still due in December and what not… they are also check for abnormalities 😦 but it’s a good thing… I’m just worried and sadly it’s not my first pregnancy it still scares the crap outta me!

Count down till gender knowledge is 4 days away!
I’m doing alright besides the heat, the drama hopefully leaves so the stress goes away if not this might be a LONG PREGNANCY with COMPLICATIONS


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