17weeks down only 23 to go!

Congratulations Amanda & Lorne you’ve made it to week 17 in your pregnancy is what I wake up to this morning thanks to My Baby Center App on my cellphone! Yay! I’ve got 23 weeks left of this pregnancy that’s only in the start, yet the first trimester flew by. I have to say this pregnancy has so far been super easy minus the weight issue and of course the lovely migraines when we travel that make me car sick, but I’m getting used to that by packing snacks to help me along the way!

What else is exciting oh I weighed myself this morning I’m only 107.2lbs… guess I only gained what 1 lb since June 22 when my OB-GYN said I was back to my starting weight… basically meaning it only took me a whole trimester to actually gain anything and that your gonna most likely possibly have weight issues and will be in my office constantly 😦 oh well… not much I can do I was in the office a lot the last two times for weight on me and the baby. Well the only other crappy issues is this never ending yeast infection that just won’t let up… that crappy Monasta 7 shit don’t freaking work last time I ever waist $19.00 on that shit.

Can’t believe in just 9 days we find out the babies gender, I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Yikes could it be a boy or girl either way as long as the baby is happy & healthy that’s all that truly matters. Yet the next part is tricky the NAME… that dreaded thing you do with your partner… some already have them down and are set some ( like me ) argue with the partner because they each have one’s they like that well don’t mesh well together at all… so this shall be an interesting turn of events come July 6, 2012! 

So far I haven’t had that nasty dreaded morning sickness every pregnant woman dreads… lucky me, this pregnancy by far has left me for a loop, sometimes thinking am I even pregnant since I still don’t feel the babies movement yet, then again it could because they are placed different according to one person yet my Ultrasound tech hasn’t said anything of the short. Then the fact that I’m not sick 100% makes me question the gender because low and be hold my boys put me threw freaking hell and back with false labor, gave me a belly exercise when it came to movement and my favorite the wackiest cravings ever! Here I’ve got no cravings, no movement, and no false labor yet… (still to early) I guess I should be lucky… but I’m just worried I guess. But like they say Every Pregnancy is Different. 

~Well enough on week 17 all be sure to add some after I call my ob-gyn about this lovely nasty unwanted yeast infection that I can’t seem to escape and he told me if it that crap didn’t work I’d be on medication … one thing I’m horrible with… well see you later this week or at week 18 then again when we find out the Gender!~


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