Congratulations your PREGNANT

On April 1st, 2012 I hadn’t gotten my period, not a shocker I had been stressed to the max with some things and stress usually means a later period for me, but something had me bugging out with the ultimate question could I be pregnant, I don’t know if it was the added weight I had gained or the fact my tummy started to look different when I showered or I was just making mountains outta mole hills as they say. So that day I asked my husband to buy me a EPT (at home pregnant test) well not even two seconds later after peeing on that stick it came back with two lines, yup I was pregnant, no worry about my period for me… I had on again and off again spotting which was alright until it changed color I have had three ultra sounds yet each time it was too early to tell what I was having. But just knowing that the baby was fine was enough for me. 
I had my first ultrasound at 6weeks and 2days… we found out my blood type I’m like AB- I think I can’t remember I have it written down somewhere! I also found out that I’m producing the right amount of hormones of course I had to be tested twice to make sure they were going up. On June 22nd, 2012 we scheduled my next Ultrasound at which we look for growth and we find out the babies gender … which I’m anxiously awaiting. 

I’m currently 16weeks & 5days pregnant or (just over 4months)… I’ve got about 163 days left to this pregnancy and that’s if this little one doesn’t choose to come early like their siblings. 

This pregnancy has been way different from the last two that I’ve had with the fact that I’ve felt no movement (yes the babies fine) and that I haven’t had morning sickness like the last two were I was bed ridden practically all the time and they haven’t diagnosed me with vertigo either! I am showing a tiny bump… but it’s cute and I love it!
(I’m very new to this site, my friend who’s also pregnant and blogging on this site, she’s practically got me hooked on this, pinterest, and tumblr… lol)


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